Marketing Your Home

• Communication
• Closing Success
• Optimized MLS Listing
• Listing Syndication
• Online Marketing
• Unique Domain Name For Your Home
• Staging
• Professional Photography
• Professionally Designed Brochures
• Open House Options
• Managing The Transaction


Staging your home is important. The way your home looks to live in is different than the way your home needs to look to sell. We utilize professional staggers to help you hone the appearance of your home to bring you as much money as possible when selling. Stagers help with furniture placement, accessorizing, color selection, and much much more.

Professional Photos

We utilize professional photographers to showcase your home in the best light possible. Taking pictures with an iPhone just doesn’t cut it anymore. Buyers are expecting to see stunning high resolution photos. Photos that bring you in to the home, not just give you an idea of what it looks like. Look at this stunning example of professional real estate photos and virtual tour:

Virtual Tour

Along with our professional photography, virtual tours are also part of our marketing package. Buyers can get a feeling of how your home flows with both panoramic virtual tours and realistic walk-through tours. Your Pederson Realty REALTOR® will work with you to determine what is best for marketing your home. For the latest in Virtual Tour technology and outstanding photographs that we can incorporate in to our listings, view

Open Houses

Open Houses are part of the marketing mix. Do they work? sometimes. The National Association of Realtors says Open Houses sell homes about 3% of the time. We definitely take the time to do Open Houses when the timing is right and when its convenient for you.



We maximize online marketing beyond anyone else you’ve heard of. Chad Pederson’s history in online marketing is second to no other broker in the Twin Cities. He believes in giving all our sellers the best possible exposure on all real estate websites, as well as bringing your listing to life with its own website, URL and search engine optimization enhancements.

You’ll find your house on,,, every local broker website and much, much more.

Example website, photos and URL:


We will have a custom designed flyer created for your home. The flyers are full-color and glossy cardstock paper will be used for flyers in your home to give to prospective buyers at showings. We believe that displaying your home in the best possible manner, and giving a take-away to potential buyers is very important. Prospective buyers should leave with something that reminds them how special your home is.


The MLS is a given. Every home listed makes it there. But there is a difference, and we maximize that. We write your description in an Search Engine Optimized fashion to ensure the highest visibility of your home. Some agents use strange abbreviations, ALL CAPITALS THAT LOOKS LIKE THEY ARE YELLING, some have hardly any description and some none at all. This is the perfect place to 1. Show potential buyers why they want your home. 2. Maximize Internet search capability through this avenue. Your Pederson Realty REALTOR can explain further exactly how we take advantage of descriptions.