Why Buy With Us?

We are experts. Neighborhood knowledge, home construction, negotiating, the closing process. We are experts in all areas of real estate. It is your single largest investment. Rely on a team of associates that has the experience and partnership network to ensure a smooth process from searching for your home, identifying the right home, negotiating, inspecting and closing.

Homes For Sale

Many IDX providers allow you to create saved searches to link to. This can be for homes based on price range or property characteristics.


Being pre-approved for your mortgage is a necessary part of the home search process. Sellers won’t consider an offer from a potential buyer that is not pre-approved for a mortgage. Most will not even allow their home to be shown to potential buyers that are not pre-approved.

Supreme Lending and Eric Roering are the preferred mortgage partner of Pederson Realty.

Go to our Mortgage page for more information.

Earnest Money and Closing Costs

There are closing costs involved with purchasing a home. Title insurance, closing fee, loan origination, and mortgage registration tax are a few.

Your Pederson Realty REALTOR® will provide you with an accurate accounting of all closing costs associated with your home purchase.

Home Warranty

A home warranty generally covers appliances and home systems. There are many home warranty providers out there. Some buyers choose to purchase a home warranty up front, some do not. In the Twin Cities, Bonfe Home Warranty has a great warranty program.

You also have multiple options from utility companies to opt-in to their appliance coverage programs. Xcel Energy’s program is called HomeSmart and Centerpoint Energy’s is called Home Service Plus.


Are you relocating to the Twin Cities? Are you looking for more information to help you find the right city and neighborhood for your next move?

Our relocation experts will guide you in your move to the Twin Cities.


First-Time Buyers

Home Ownership is a dream for many people. Is it right for you? If you are here, the answer is probably yes. We will work with you to determine the characteristics of your first home. Location, style, amenities, construction aspects. We will leave no stone unturned to ensure your first home buying process is fun and rewarding.


Do you have a larger home and just don’t need the space? Are you ready for less maintenance while still owning a home? Our REALTORS® have distinct knowledge of areas that have your goals in mind. We will work with you to determine if a single-level townhome, a condo, or a smaller single-family home is best for you and your situation.

We Hit The Ground Running

When the time is right for you to buy a home, we work with you immediately on determining your goals. For some its finding just the right schools. For others its the atmosphere of the area. Some people need a 2-story home, some need a single-level twinhome. Whatever your needs are, we will work with you to determine them and ensure you have a fun and enjoyable home purchasing process.

There are a lot of aspects that go in to buying a home. Rely on your Pederson Realty REALTOR® to guide you through the process. Contact us today to start finding you the home of your dreams!